Piano Works Debussy - Claire Chevallier And Voetvolk


With Piano Works Debussy, the French pianist Claire Chevallier places the work of Claude Debussy in a new light: modern and enormously diverse. She exposes the great contrasts in Debussy's piano textures, ranging from a very rich sound in his Estampes to the finesse of his Elégie. Chevallier thus pays tribute to Debussy as a rebel and challenger among the steady composers, dwelling on his different periods. With the warm, woody and harmonic sound of her Erard piano from 1920, the pianist brings the work of Claude Debussy back to life in an inimitable way.


The CD was released on the occasion of the performance Piano Works Debussy by the dance company Voetvolk. It is a duet between dancer Lisbeth Gruwez and pianist Claire Chevallier. Together, they seek the space between the notes in the compositions of Debussy.


Piano Works Debussy is a co-production by Voetvolk and Claire Chevallier. It is the third album that Voetvolk releases on Rotkat Records. Earlier, they released Original Music from The Sea Within (2018) and Bring It to Our Senses (2017).

released October 9, 2020


Claire Chevallier, Claude Debussy