The Giggle Gallery - Brik Tu-Tok


With “The Giggle Gallery” musical performance duo Brik Tu-Tok takes you on a surreal trip to an obscure giggle theatre of the 21 century. It’s an delicous muddle full of sophistated and sparkling weird pop songs, all baptized in absurdity. The soul of the album lies in its poetic lyrics and cryptic storytelling. Brik Tu-Tok's imagery is a combination of pleasantly derailed thoughts and offbeat fantasy. They mix joy with panic and evil with laughter. “The Giggle Gallery” is an theatrical album with sharp edges. Fresh yet nostalgic. Catchy eclectic!

Brik Tu-Tok is the musical library of theatre makers Maxim Storms and Linde Carrijn. Together they mould the theatrical with the musical into a new absurd universe, where eccentric characters sing out their souls. Brik Tu-Tok is poetic, brutal and humorous.