Namid & Sondervan - Namid & Sondervan


The newborn phenomenon named Namid and Sondervan can’t simply be described. The merger of Vincent Brijs’ saxophones, the double bass of Fré Madou, Sara Meyer’s alto sax, Maarten Moesen’s drums and the live-coded electronics of Dago Sondervan, has brought into being a new sort of fusion. A debut album like a rhizomatic cyber-attack of quantum melodics flowing in all directions, constantly interconnecting, creating new universes at every junction. Squarepusher, Sun Ra and Moondog on a collision course. Headfirst into the future.


released July 16, 2021

Namid & Sondervan is a collaboration between jazz quartet Namid and live coder Dago Sondervan.

Vincent Brijs: alto & baritone saxophone, EWI & effects
Fré Madou: double bass and effects
Sara Meyer: alto & tenor saxophone
Maarten Moesen: drums
Dago Sondervan: live coding/electronica

Recorded at Studio Kip Kaas by Jan Willems
Editing and additional recordings by Vincent Brijs
Produced by Vincent Brijs and Dago Sondervan
Mixed by Roel Poriau at Studio Porino
Mastered by Frederik Dejongh at Jerboa Mastering
Artwork & lay-out by Raphaël Vandeputte