Voor Het Verdwijnt, En Daarna - Abel Ghekiere


With voor het verdwijnt, en daarna, the Belgian multi-instrumentalist Abel Ghekiere introduces his unique sound, which stems from merging modern jazz, traditional folk and field recordings. Through classical arrangements and a cinematic approach to composition, Ghekiere tells a story of grief and the search for solace in 8 songs.

'Voor het verdwijnt, en daarna’ (translated to: before and after it disappears), searches for resonance through an intuitive and sometimes stripped-down process of musical expression. The memories of his father, visual artist Joris Ghekiere (1955 - 2016), form the basis of the entire album and are literally expressed in this debut. On clarinet, guitar, piano and cello, Ghekiere plays with the boundary between jazz and classical music.

The music is used as the basis for the dance performance 'Untitled #1' by Astrid De Haes, supervised by Alain Platel. The debut album 'Voor het verdwijnt, en daarna’, released on vinyl on RotKat records has an edition of 300 copies and a work by Joris Ghekiere was used for the cover