Enkel Duetten - Borokov Borokov


Borokov Borokov is Arne Omloop, Boris Van den Eynden, Noah Melis and Yorgos Tsakiridis.


Following a year full of highlights on stages of festivals such as Best Kept Secret (NL), Down The Rabbit Hole (NL), boillerroom.tv (UK), Braindance (BE) and Fusion Festival (DE), Rotkat Records starts 2020 by releasing their second studio-album, a record that only contains duets. It became a collection of 11 songs on which 26 people collaborated and a desperate attempt of Borokov Borokov to express themselves and others in more than 10 genres.


Men and women such as Dijf Sanders (GameboyzIIMen), Frederic Croene, Fenne Kuppens (Whispering Sons), Ludo de Vriendt (WWWATER), Martha Maieu (Penus), Mathieu Terryn (Bazart), Marcel Vanthilt (Arbeid Adelt), Marka (Allez Allez), SSHT, The Germans and W. Ravenveer offer musical contributions in the form of Gameboy-bleeps, blowing the fuse, amateur choral singing, cheap excuses, wet piano tunes and the closing of doors.


The music was recorded in studio SPOOK, the backstage area of BKS (visitor center safaripark), the artist village of DITW, the waiting room of de Hulpkas voor Werkloosheidsuitkeringen - Uitbetalingsbureau Antwerpen, Het Bos, Café Bommel, Hotel Viscardo and some other indefinable places.